Top 4 Downdraft Electric Cooktops 2022

Our kitchens have come a long way from the days of hanging cooking utensils over the fire or anxiously awaiting the heat of a gas stove. But the latest and greatest advancement is the induction cooktop. Thanks to electromagnetism, the induction hob saves you time, money, and energy. With so many models, brands, and features to choose from, it can be difficult to discover the best downdraft induction cooktop. Let us help you at Bourbon O.

Best Downdraft Electric Cooktops

GE Profile Series Electric Downdraft Cooktop:

GE Profile Series PP9830DJBBGE Profile Series PP9830DJBB 30-inch Electric Downdraft Cooktop
GE Profile Series PP9830DJBBGE Profile Series PP9830DJBB 30-inch Electric Downdraft Cooktop

This PP9830TJBB series is a great choice for people who are looking to buy an electric cooktop and have all the features they need. It doesn’t cost too much, offers 330 CFM of downdraft ventilation which helps reduce smells in your kitchen like other models do but still does not sacrifice performance with its 17000 BTU’s capacity!

GE Appliances has been around for over 100 years. The brand is well known as a trustworthy source of quality products that work hard to provide everyday needs in an efficient manner with function before beauty being their top priority, but they made one device so stunningly beautiful it’s worth showing off!

The GE PP9830TJBB Series is a sleek and sophisticated stove that has been designed with the latest technology in mind. Not only does it have easy-to-use controls, but also includes Control Lock safety features so you can be sure your induction cooktop won’t accidentally get turned on! With impressive downdraft fan rating at 330 CFM – perfect for large families looking to enjoy ample space inside their home while cooking meals together.

Choose from five different elements to build your own kitchen stovetop. The largest burner measures 11 inches and can be used with either two 7-inch flames or quickly boiled water; it also has a low heat setting for melting butter more easily!


  • Control lock
  • GE fits! Guarantee
  • Silent ventilation
  • Three downdraft speeds
  • Pan detector

The inconvenience

  • Large exhaust

Ramblewood EC4-70 30-inch Electric Cooktop

Ramblewood EC4-70 30-inch Electric Cooktop

Ramblewood’s cooking top features a unique and nifty design which sets it apart from other models on the market today. The heating element is not your average metal plate, but rather an eye-catching ball shape complete with blue LED light – this really does complement their sleek looks well!

You can cook up a storm with this powerful stovetop! It has four heating elements, two of which only consume about 1800 watts. The other two are more energy-efficient at 1200w each and will help you save money on your electricity bill too while still being able to handle almost anything thrown at them thanks to their high-temperature capabilities (think: deep-frying).

This hob is UL approved and carries the stamp of approval from Ego Energy Controller/Regulator. This means that you can use this product with confidence, knowing it will not significantly raise your energy consumption or bills!

With its large heating elements, this cooktop can handle even your biggest pots and pans with ease! Plus the durable plastic knobs will never leave a stain on them. And since they’re dishwasher safe it’s easy for you to keep things looking their best in every aspect of kitchen life.

No matter if you’re a total newbie or an experienced cook, this cool hob will make cooking more fun! It has analog knobs that are designed for precision and display resistance so it’s just as good at getting those perfect temperatures like other counters with LSD displays.

The heating elements are protected by durable ILVA ceramic glass, which can withstand extreme temperatures and facilitate rapid cooling of the device. But note that this unit may require some professional installation services for you to get it done right!


  • Precision analog controls with nine power levels
  • UL Safety Approved
  • Comes with durable ILVA ceramic glass
  • Very easy to use and maintain


  • Requires a professional electrician for installation
  • ILVA ceramic glass may break if the device is dropped or hit by a heavy object

LG LCE3010SB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

LG LCE3010SB 30-inch Electric Cooktop
LG LCE3010SB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

Make sure you’re using the right type of cooktop for your needs. This one may be difficult to use, but it does come with some great features that make up for its difficulty!

This cooker has an automatic shut-off function that switches off the hob if no pot or pan is placed on it within 20 seconds. This safety feature makes cooking with this appliance very safe, and you can relax while your food cooks without worrying about burning anything!

With its compact design and touch screen, the device is easy to use. It also has a specialized warming burner that’s solely dedicated to heating frozen foods like meat or vegetables before cooking them at higher temperatures with other burners suitably rated down from high marks in between 800°F-1100° F (425 °C).

You can choose from five different cooking temperatures with the easy turn of a knob. The controls are located in the front center and each setting has an indication around it so you know which one matches your needs most efficiently.

This appliance has a child safety lock feature that prevents children from getting burned, as well as an auto shut-off mechanism. The heat indicator light will let you know if the heating elements are still hot after use and it turns them off automatically in 25 seconds if not selected by users.


  • Comes with many security features; auto-off function, child safety lock, and hot surface indicator
  • Easy to understand and use analog control interface
  • Comes with four regular burners and an additional warming burner


  • This product is not very popular
  • Ceramic and glass parts are not dishwasher safe

Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30-inch Electric Cooktop
Frigidaire FGIC3066TB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

The company has been around for more than a century, and its products are still considered top-of-the-line. They make everything from cooktops to kitchen appliances; no matter what you need in your home cooking needs – there’s probably an option from this brand.

When it comes to cooking, there is nothing better than the delicious smells of food mixing together. The Frigidaire cooktop offers all sorts of features that will make your meal preparation easy and hassle-free with its large heating space for multiple pots at once! This model also includes tons upon additional security measures such as an anti-slip feet design on each side so you can safely stand over even tall dishes without worrying about them slipping off onto the floor below; automatic shutoff after 30 minutes if left unattended while cooling down – preventing fires from happening before they start (which could cause serious burns); interior light shines up through glass panel revealing heat levels).

The versatile cooktop is the perfect solution for any kitchen. With a unique bridge element, you can use this with griddles or other large pans on your stovetop as well! It has 9 different temperature settings and a power boost feature that allows users to efficiently cook a variety of foods they like at once while reducing cooking time significantly.

The safety features of this appliance make it a “smart” hob. In addition to an auto shut-off function and pan detection system, there’s also by IHeight technology that prevents slippage while cooking as well as Coasting modes which reduce noise levels when the burners are not being used.


  • Advanced safety features including an auto shut-off mechanism
  • Pan detection system
  • Bridge elements for grills and other oversized cookware
  • 9 temperature and power boost settings.
  • Self-adjusting burners


  • Controls can take some getting used to
  • The touch control does not respond when the hob is on

How We Chose Downdraft Induction Cooktops

For our picks, we’ve compiled a list of must-have features for a downdraft induction cooktop.

The main must-have was the downdraft. Some models allow for both updraft and downdraft, but we’ve focused on designs that prioritize downdraft. While some models include a downdraft installation, others require the installation of a separate downdraft system.

The layout and functionality of the elements is the second key feature. Some configurations allow decks to create a wider heated area for larger cookware. Some models are better for cooking more at once. The best induction cooker with downdraft has options for all of the above.

Some other notable features we were looking for were security. It is beneficial for touch controls to have a control lock feature. This can save you from realizing hours later that you accidentally turned on the heater.

Likewise, child locks and heat indicators can protect wandering fingers. There are two types of heat indicators to monitor: element indicators and surface indicators. The first will light up for a specific item. The second is a general indicator of the induction surface.

Although our top pick for the best downdraft induction cooktop includes a quiet fan, not all ventilation systems promise to be quiet. A quieter fan won’t affect the temperature, but it will make cooking more enjoyable.

Our final deciding factor was the pros and cons. Each pick on our top list had more pros than cons. But when we were writing our top pick, we scratched our heads trying to think of a downside. When all the good outweighs the bad, we consider it a victory.

Compatible induction cookware

The magic of induction only works with the right cookware, so knowing which cookware is compatible is crucial.

Stainless steel can be a great choice. The material is light and it cooks well. However, some stainless steel cookware contains mixed materials, including metals that are not compatible with your induction cooktop.

Cast iron and enameled cast iron will allow the science of magnetism. But, as a heavy material, it is not recommended.

We mentioned above that copper and aluminum are poor choices for a ceramic glass surface. They are also inferior materials for induction. However, if the copper is a minor piece, the cookware may still work. Another material that does not magnetize is glass.

If you are unsure, do a magnetic test. If you’re worried about replacing kitchen utensils you own, try placing a magnet on the bottom. If it sticks, it will work on your induction cooktop with downdraft.

If you have favorite cookware that doesn’t pass the test, you can use an induction hob heat diffuser. The diffuser material is magnetic, so it will react when you turn on your hob. By placing the diffuser under your favorite pan, the diffuser heats the pan.

As always, check if your cookware is dishwasher safe before purchasing. Better to know before than to regret later.

How to Clean a Downdraft Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are easier to clean than other cooktops. Spills won’t burn, making it easy to wipe off the smooth surface.

Before cleaning your induction cooktop for the first time, you should read the manual for any special instructions. Make sure the hob is switched off and has cooled down before cleaning it.

If cooking with acidic foods, such as lemons, clean up promptly as the acidic content may damage the cooktop finish.

In addition to following the instructions in the manual, you should avoid harsh cleaners and sponges when cleaning your air vent. Use soap and water with a soft or slightly abrasive cloth, as it is gentler on materials.

Some filters are dishwasher safe. Alternatively, you can wash the filter by hand with warm water and dish detergent.


We’ve now discussed our picks for the best downdraft induction cooktop, and we’ve crowned a winner. While there are plenty of high-tech devices out there, we love one that doesn’t seem like a chore to turn on. The best cooktops make cooking simple so we can enjoy the process. Visit Bourbon O Shop now for more cool kitchen appliances!

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