Feel The Flavor Blast With Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumplings

Asian food is known worldwide to offer some of the best flavors with the perfect blend of spices. Suppose you are someone who enjoys Asian spicy food delight, then you can defiantly give a try to Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings. The original taste of Asian spices and flavors is sold in a deep-frozen packet of a chicken soup dumpling. Now you do not have to go anywhere to fill your cravings for original chicken soup as you can buy chicken soup dumplings trader joe’s.

Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings are simply dumplings with chicken fillings inside. They are prepared by boiling the chicken until fully cooked. Then, it’s mashed with a bit of milk before being folded into dough and boiled again in water or steamed to make them soft enough to be boiled and then stacked into airtight plastic containers, ready to be eaten at any time you wish to have them.

What is Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumpling?

Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings
Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings

These are Chinese-style chicken Soup Dumplings that are sold in a frozen pack. These dumplings are made from flour and water dough. To make these dumplings, first, the chicken meat is boiled and tenderized to make dumplings more soft, tender, and flavorful. Next, these chicken pieces are stuffed in dough and then steam cooked.

Once these dumplings are cooked, they are frozen and packed to deliver at supermarkets and grocery stores. The original taste of Asian spices and seasoning adds flavor to these dumplings to give them a zesty taste. After packing, these chicken dumplings are fit for eating for around six months when stored at low temperatures.

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Cooking Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumplings

Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings are easy to make as you cook them in two different methods. Firstly, you can heat them on a steam cooker on the gas stove. This is the traditional method of making chicken dumplings. Now, you can also add some salt, pepper, or another seasoning on top as per your taste preferences.

The second cooking method involves baking these Trader Joe’s chicken dumplings and serving them hot. You can also prepare these frozen packed dumplings by heating them in the oven at 400F. These dumplings are best served warm with a tasty chicken broth packed inside them. You can enjoy this delicious meal alone or with any other side dish that you like.

How much do they cost?

The price of Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings depends upon the size of the packet and how many you buy. You get a pack of eight containing six pieces each for around $90. Each box of these chicken soup dumplings costs around $10 to $11.

Chicken soup dumplings are one of the most loved Asian food products sold by Trader Joe’s. These frozen dumplings are available in different flavors to serve when you wish to have them for your food taste pleasure. You can get them at your nearby store in the frozen food section.

Box – Contents of Trader Joe’s Chicken Soup Dumplings

Each box contains six pieces of Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings in the form of dumplings. The net weight of this six-piece packing of chicken soup dumpling is around 6 ounces. These dumplings are frozen before packing and then sold to different grocery stores and supermarkets. Each pack contains 6 grams of fat which is not very much required.

The main content of chicken soup dumpling is chicken and water alone without any ingredients added to enhance the flavor and softness of the dumplings. The chicken is fully cooked, mashed, and then folded into the dough before it’s boiled again in water or steamed for making it soft and edible for your food taste.

Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings are one of the most loved processed Asian food products. You can enjoy these ready-to-eat dumplings at any time of the day by heating them. You can buy them from different stores which sell Asian food items.

How To Serve Your Chicken Soup Dumplings?

How To Serve Your Chicken Soup Dumplings?
How To Serve Your Chicken Soup Dumplings?

These chicken soup dumplings by Trader Joe’s will give you a remarkable taste. To multiply the taste and add new flavors, you can try a few different combinations with your dumplings. Take a look at a few serving ideas for these tasty chicken soup dumplings.

  • These dumplings are best eaten with chicken broth or soup and eaten warm. You can also serve them with some other side dish for enhancing their flavors.
  • Chicken soup dumplings also taste great in baked form. After baking, you can eat them as a snack which can be eaten as low fat and low-calorie choice.
  • You can make chicken chop soup with these dumplings. You need to boil chicken and chopped vegetables before making this recipe. A bowl of this delicious dish will taste perfect for your food cravings at any time of the day.
  • Steaming the chicken soup dumpling along with adding a little egg roll batter on top will create a fantastic taste sensation for your food cravings.

The list doesn’t end here. There are different great combinations for you to try and find on your own. Just take chicken soup dumplings trader joe’s and experiment with all your favorite flavors.

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Nutritional Value

There is no need to worry about your health or gaining extra weight by eating Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings. They contain only 7g fat which is relatively less when compared to other types of dumplings in the market. Moreover, this food has essential ingredients like vegetable oil, chicken, flour, and water, essential for our body.

A serving of 170g contains around 610mg of sodium and 29 g of carbohydrates to keep it healthy. In addition, these chicken dumplings have 16g of protein and 6% iron for protein lovers. With 2% calcium, these dumplings will not cause any damage to your healthy diet.

Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings are one of the best Asian food products to enjoy at any time of your food cravings. You can buy them in different flavors such as original, spicy, and sweet for enhancing the flavor with different ingredients. You can buy these Trader Joe’s chicken soup dumplings to make a tasty snack and enjoy things like never before. 

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