Costco Lobster Tails Price – Latest update price 2022

Costco lobster tails price is many consumer’s main concern when choosing this product. If you’re a hardcore lobster fanatic, then the lobster tails sold at Costco might be on your favorite food list. However, you should know that Costco sells different kinds of lobster tails. That’s why the prices may vary depending on which type you’re buying.

What types of Lobster tails is Costco selling?

There are 2 different types of lobster tails that Costco is currently selling:

The Warm water Lobster tails (Brazil)

Warm water lobsters that come from Brazil primarily belong to the species called Panulirus Argus. They’re also known as Caribbean Spiny Lobsters. Their living habitat is mainly distributed throughout the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Brazil. The claws of these lobsters are way smaller compared to those found on the cold water lobsters.

When it comes to warm water lobster, Brazil is considered one of the three biggest producers. The other two are Nicaragua and Cuba.

The Cold water Lobster tails (USA)

Cold water lobster originates in the USA and belongs to the species called Homarus Americanus. It’s also the largest amongst all the lobster species. This type of lobsters can be found in North Carolina and Canada. And they’re especially dominant along the coast of New England.

Costco lobster tails price for cold water lobster is usually higher
Costco lobster tails price for cold water lobster is usually higher

In these lobsters, the meat is highly concentrated in the tail. However, Homarus Americanus also have huge claws which contain lots of meat. One of the claws is typically bigger compared to the other.

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What are the differences between warm and cold water Costco lobster tails?

There’s a general consensus that warm water lobster tails are usually meatier. This is because these lobsters tend to grow faster and their tail meat is also thicker. However the meat has a more apparent seafood flavor and is a little bit squishy.

On the other hand, the cold water lobster tails are superior when it comes to texture and taste. Their growth rate is pretty slow, which makes the meat in the tail more firm and sweet.

There’s one thing that the lobster tails sold at Costco have in common: they were thawed from frozen. Everyone knows that fresh meat always tastes better than frozen or thawed meat, and lobsters make no exception. However, most eaters in a blind test can’t tell the difference between frozen and fresh lobsters.

What is Costco lobster tails price?

  • Cold Water Lobster Tails: $29.99 per pound
  • Warm Water Lobster Tails: $25.99 per pound

Given that the cold water lobster tails are a more high quality product, their price is also consistently higher than the warm water lobster tails. However, the lobster tails price can also be affected due to fluctuations in market pricing.

With the prices mentioned above, you’ll get 5 lobster tails for each package. And the average weight of one tail is around 4 ounces.

Always check the label carefully before buying. Because sometimes Costco may sell warm water tails and other times they sell cold water tails. Check with the local Costco near you to know the availability of the product. Although you may find these lobster tails are a little pricey. They’re still a bargain when you compare them to the King Crab legs, which are sold at nearly $40 for each pound.

Check the label and Costco lobster tails price carefully before buying
Check the label and Costco lobster tails price carefully before buying

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Tips to prepare and cook a lobster tail

Butterfly a lobster tail – Step by step guide

Step 1: Cut down from the center of the lobster shell to the tail with kitchen shears, leaving the tail. The top of the shell is the part you want to cut through, not the bottom. You can also cut through the meat so that the lobster will cook more evenly.

Step 2: Split the shell open using your fingers and thumbs. Then push the meat in the tail upward gently to separate it from the bottom of the shell. The end needs to be left attached to the tail fin.

Step 3: Push the empty shell underneath while placing the meat on top of the shell. That’s how you prepare and butterfly your lobster tail in the correct way.

Make a five-star-restaurant dish that is worth the Costco lobster tails price
Make a five-star-restaurant dish that is worth the Costco lobster tails price

Ways to cook lobster tail

Once the lobster tail is butterflied, you can choose your lobster tail in one of the following ways:

  • Broiled lobster: Cook lobster tail under the broiler’s high heat in the oven.
  • Baked lobster: Same as the broil method, but the lobster tail is cooked under normal heat.
  • Poached lobster: Sometimes poached lobster means simmering the lobster tail meat in a layer of butter (also known as butter poaching). Sometimes this term is also referred to as boiled lobster.
  • Boiled lobster: This method just simply involves cooking the lobster tail in boiling water. If you don’t have much time preparing your meal, then we suggest using this method.
  • Grilled lobster: Cooking lobster on a grill is also chosen by many people. Dip the lobster meat in a bowl of lemon juice and melted butter. Grill the lobster tails for about 8 to 12 minutes over high heat. Then check if a thermometer inserted in the lobster meat reads 140-degrees F.

Costco provides a convenient source for lobster tails and they’re easy to prepare. However, Costco lobster tails price is quite expensive and this product is not always available. Let Bourbon O know what you think about Costco lobster tails in the comment section beneath this article!

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