Discover All Information Related To LG vs Samsung Washer

 General information about LG vs Samsung washer
General information about LG vs Samsung washer

Introduce LG washer

LG brand was established in 1958, is a big and famous brand from Korea. After a period of operation, LG has expanded the market in many other countries around the world. LG’s goal is to always meet the needs of every customer. 

They bring to users the most advanced and modern products. LG produces strong product lines such as: electrical appliances, home appliances, electronics, computers, phones, washing machines….

LG has always been at the forefront of new, modern, cutting-edge technology. The most prominent of which is the LG washing machine. This is a product that has a variety of designs, and options make it easy for users to choose. LG washing machines don’t just offer the best experience. It can also save electricity and money for consumers.

LG washing machine has a modern design, delicate colors create a luxurious look for the space used. The outer shell of the washing machine is made of high-quality materials. The advantage of this design is that it is dust-free and durable. It is also very easy to clean and sanitize the product.

Introduce Samsung washer

Samsung is also a famous Korean brand. This brand is known for its main products are phones, iPads. In addition, genuine Samsung electronics and refrigeration products are highly appreciated for their quality. Samsung washer has always been popular for its design and features worldwide.

Technological products of Samsung electronic brand have many outstanding features. Washing machines are also studied to match the general trends of modern life.

Samsung washers have the ability to save electricity and save water. Besides, using new technologies to ensure optimal washing efficiency. Digital Inverter technology has the ability to reduce friction, reduce noise when the machine is in operation. In addition, there are many other uses that you will receive when using.

Samsung washer is a world famous brand

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LG vs Samsung Washer comparison

Comparison of washing volume of LG vs Samsung washer

Washing volume is evaluated as the first criterion when deciding whether to buy an LG or Samsung washing machine. For the Samsung washing machine line, it is designed with a moderate volume. It mainly ranges from 7 to 8kg which is suitable for the vast majority of families from 3 to 5 members.

Some other Samsung washing machines are designed with a larger volume. The purpose is to serve the needs of large families with a weight of 9 or 10 kg.

The LG washing machine series has a wider distribution in terms of weight. LG’s washing machine lines are similar to Samsung’s. It mostly still only fluctuates between 7 and 9kg. Any family can use this product line.

LG is different from Samsung when launching some models with large sizes over 10kg. They are even 20kg washing machines. It can serve the needs of any family that needs to use a large washing machine.

Comparison of washing tubs of LG vs Samsung washer

LG washing machine with drum design with stainless steel design. The brand guarantees high quality, eliminating bacteria clinging to the inside of the drum. Besides, it is easy to clean and has good mildew resistance.

At the same time, in order to improve service quality, the washing tub is designed with a smart drainage hole. The rotation is regular, avoiding friction and avoiding the influence of force on the fabric. This feature helps clothes to be washed and quality guaranteed. Besides, the fabric will not be affected after washing.

Samsung washing machine with unique diamond drum design. The product is equipped with thousands of small drainage holes. This effectively cleans and protects the fabric.

The washing tub is made of high quality stainless steel. Not only is it durable, but it also protects clothes from damage. Samsung washing machines have superior ability in drum design technology compared to LG when putting diamond drums into some of its washing machine models.

Compare the motor of LG vs Samsung washer

Both LG and Samsung washing machines use direct drive motors. This mechanism helps the machine operate much more efficiently than washing machines using indirect drive motors.

With this feature, LG and Samsung washing machines both help the washing machine work more durable. Besides, the extracting speed is higher, saving a lot of electricity.

Comparison of washing technology

Samsung stands out with its sensor technology that cleans soap scum. Eliminate the main cause of skin allergies to help your family’s clothes. Samsung washer is not only clean but also gentle to the skin. Naono silver technology helps to preserve fragrance, soften fabrics and effectively antibacterial for clothes.

With LG washing machine featured by LG’s latest 6 Motion washing technology. The product has the ability to take care of clothes like your hands. 6 Motion is a washing technology with 6 washing steps: Rub – Spin – Knead – Stir – Compress – Beat. This technology is an improvement in the washing cycle that simulates the steps of human hand washing.

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Buying Washer Guide

Choosing to buy a washing machine is very important. It is not easy to choose a good product at a cheap price for the family. You can look at the variety of washing machines on each brand.

In addition to the main purpose, such as price range, specifications. You should also pay attention to other important facts about how to choose the right washing machine for your home. Here are some guidelines for buying the best washing machine that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Step 1: Determine how much your family needs a washing machine for each laundry. This will help you choose the right washing machine for your family’s needs.
  • Step 2: Choose a top-loading or a front-loading washing machine. Front loading washing machines operate more efficiently, with less noise. However, compared to the above, the disadvantage is the appearance of a bad smell. That’s why you will need regular maintenance and cleaning.
  • Step 3: Check the power and water saving effect of the washing machine. Most good clothes washers will have a rating of 4 or 5. With 5 being the highest washing machines can get today. This means it will save you at least 25% on electricity and water usage.
  • Step 4: Check the vibration and noise level of the washing machine. The quietest washing machine is usually equipped with direct drive technology by manufacturers. Which eliminates the use of motor belts, thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary vibration in the washing machine.
  • Step 5: Measure the size of the washing machine to suit the space you intend to place. If your home space is not very large, you may need to choose a vertical door. Or another option is to choose a washing machine with a washing and drying function.
  • Step 6: Make a list to choose a good cheap washing machine that you intend to buy. LG and Samsung also offer a ton of products that you can learn more about.
  • Step 7: Record special functions that can come in handy for your washing machine cleaning needs. Currently, LG vs Samsung washer both offer unique Silver Wash technology which uses silver particles (Ag+). This effectively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. Thus keeping your clothes mold free for up to two weeks.

Finally, choosing a reputable brand to buy a washing machine is also essential. Just apply the specific steps above and you will choose to buy the desired product.

Best LG Washer

LG is trusted by many customers with its quality product lines. This brand has also launched many different models of washing machines on the market.

LG FV1408S4W Inverter washing machine 8.5 kg horizontal cage

Leading the way is the LG Inverter 8.5 kg FV1408S4W washing machine, which is a front-loading washing machine. The machine has a youthful and elegant modern white color, which will help your home look more modern. The washing capacity of 8.5 kg is suitable for families with about 4-5 members.

LG washing machine uses Inverter technology to operate stably, quietly, and consume less electricity and water. This helps optimize costs for your family. The direct drive motor type on the machine provides quiet operation and less vibration.

The 6-motion washing technology on the machine simulates the process of hand washing. Help people clean effectively and protect clothes from damage. The machine has many washing modes suitable for many different washing purposes.

The product also has the ability to remove dirt, dust mites while washing. Guaranteed to be 99.9% effective, protecting your family from allergy symptoms or breathing problems. LG Steam steam washing technology also makes clothes less wrinkled after washing.

Outstanding Features

  • Quiet operation, minimized fiber damage
  • DD 6 motion technology combines AI artificial intelligence.
  • Efficient power saving with Inverter technology.
  • For families with 3-5 people thanks to the washing capacity of 8.5kg.
  • Kill bacteria, remove allergens with Steam steam washing technology.
  • Quick diagnosis and handling of washing machine errors thanks to the smart utility Smart ThinQ.
  • Convenient to be able to add laundry during the washing process.
  • Improve cleaning efficiency with 6-step hand washing simulation technology.
  • More peace of mind with the child lock feature.
  • Durable with a stainless steel drum.
LG FV1408S4W Inverter washing machine 8.5 kg horizontal cage
LG FV1408S4W Inverter washing machine 8.5 kg horizontal cage

LG FV1409S2V Inverter washing machine 9 kg

Next is the LG Inverter 9 kg washing machine FV1409S2V, which stands out with its trendy gray color. With a modern front door design, the product is very suitable to adorn the space of every family.

Besides saving electricity by inverter technology. This front-loading washing machine offers quiet operation. Help reduce damage to clothes with Intello DD direct-drive motor combined with AI artificial intelligence.

Along with that, TurboWash washing technology also helps detergent penetrate deeply to remove stubborn stains. Help your clothes clean effectively and quickly.

In addition, this machine also protects your family optimally with the ability to kill bacteria to prevent allergies. Soften fabrics with a duo of Steam and hot water washing technologies.

Outstanding Features

  • For families with 3-5 members with a weight of 9 kg.
  • Smooth operation, reduces damage to clothes.
  • Save energy with Inverter technology.
  • Kill bacteria, remove allergens effectively with the steam washing technology duo Steam and hot water washing.
  • Save time doing laundry with TurboWash technology.
  • Protects and minimizes fiber damage with 6-motion technology.
  • Control your washing machine remotely with Smart ThinQ.
  • Convenient with the feature of adding items while washing Add Item.

LG Inverter washing machine 11 kg TH2111DSAB

LG Inverter washing machine 11 kg TH2111DSAB with luxurious and polite design. With a safety tempered glass lid, helps to increase the modernity of your space.

In particular, this washing machine has the ability to save electricity. The motor is quiet and durable thanks to the direct drive inverter motor.

Combined with that, the dryer comes with the ability to effectively care for clothes with 6-movement washing. 6 Motion simulates 6 hand actions when washing clothes: acrobatics, rubbing, compression, rotation, beating, turning.

This LG washing machine also saves operating time. It supports enhanced cleaning efficiency with TurboWash 3D technology.

The drum, platter and filter elements are all stainless steel. It eliminates 90% of harmful bacteria compared to conventional plastic drums.

Outstanding Features

  • Power saving, quiet and durable operation with inverter direct drive motor.
  • Effectively care for clothes with 6 motion technology – 6 Motion.
  • TurboWash3D enhances cleaning efficiency and saves laundry time.
  • Stainless steel drum and platter have antibacterial effects.
  • The tub self-cleaning mode makes it easy to clean and does not need to be disassembled.
  • Easy control by phone via SmartThinQ application.
  • Save time and repair costs thanks to intelligent fault diagnosis technology.
  • For families over 7 people thanks to the 11kg washing capacity.

LG washing machine T2109 SAB Inverter 9kg

LG Inverter T2109 SAB washing machine has a square, youthful design with gray color. The lid is covered with modern anti-collapse black.

The washing machine uses inverter technology to save electricity. Clothes are washed powerfully, anti-twisting thanks to the Turbo drum that rotates in the opposite direction of the washing wheel.

Punch + 3 water punching technology on the machine has a water punching structure located in the middle of the main washing tray. The machine combines 3 additional washing wheels around to create extremely strong whirlpools that penetrate deep into each fabric. Helps dislodge all stubborn stains on clothes out.

In addition, with the LG Smart Laundry application installed on the phone. You can activate the Smart Diagnosis function on the LG Inverter washing machine. This helps you to fix some minor errors on your own without resorting to a repair service.

Outstanding Features

  • Modern, durable design with powder-coated metal housing.
  • For families with 3-5 people thanks to the 9kg washing capacity.
  • Efficient power saving with Inverter technology.
  • Improve cleaning efficiency thanks to Smart Motion 3 technology and Punch+3 water punching technology.
  • Create strong whirlpool force, reduce tangling of clothes thanks to Turbo Drum technology.
  • Quick and convenient operation with automatic pre-wash mode.
  • Arc waterfall effect helps dissolve detergent quickly.
  • Save time and repair costs thanks to Smart Diagnosis technology.

LG washing machine FV1409G4V

The LG FV1409G4V washing machine is integrated with 2-in-1 washing and drying when reaching a washing capacity of 9 kg. Drying volume up to 5 kg, suitable for households of 3-5 people.

The machine is integrated with Steam steam washing technology. Able to use hot steam to penetrate each fabric. Helps remove allergens from clothes gently. At the same time, it supports effective sterilization, optimal skin protection for you. The machine minimizes yarn damage thanks to DD 6-motion technology, combined with an AI direct drive motor.

The LG FV1409G4V washing machine also supports adding laundry and softening water with the Add Item button. Allows users to add clothes or softener during the washing process without having to wash again because of leftovers.

Outstanding Features

  • Convenient 2-in-1 built-in washer dryer.
  • For families with 3-5 people with a washing capacity of 9 kg.
  • Prevent allergies, kill bacteria with Steam washing and hot water washing.
  • Reduce fabric damage thanks to 6 DD motion technology combined with AI artificial intelligence.
  • Save electricity with Inverter technology.
  • Quickly diagnose and handle washing machine errors thanks to the smart utility Smart ThinQ.
  • Convenient to add laundry and softener with the Add Item function.
  • Child lock gives families with young children peace of mind.
LG washing machine FV1409G4V
LG washing machine FV1409G4V

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Best samsung Washer

Samsung WA90M5120SW/SV washer

If you love washing machines with beautiful and elegant designs. Then the Samsung WA90M5120SW/SV washing machine will be the ideal choice for you. The highlight of the machine is the lid and the control panel has an eye-catching blue button. The product has a washing capacity of 9kg, suitable for families with 4-6 members.

Outstanding Features

  • 2 modern technologies including: diamond drum, Wobble washing wheel.
  • Creates multi-directional water flow to quickly remove stains, helping clothes not to be wrinkled but still clean and fragrant.
  • Magic Filter powder retains fabric fibers, preventing fibers from remaining on clothes.

Samsung WW90K52E0WW/SV washer

Samsung WW90K52E0WW/SV washing machine is a front-loading Inverter washing machine, featuring elegant and delicate white color. The control button part is designed to rotate. It includes 14 wash programs suitable for different types of clothes. The LED panel is clear, displaying washing information to help users monitor the operation of the machine.

Outstanding Features

  • Diamond drum, Eco Bubble washing bubble.
  • The hot water and steam washing features help kill bacteria.
  • Extra clothes can be added thanks to the Add Door side door even when the machine is in operation.
Samsung WW90K52E0WW/SV washer
Samsung WW90K52E0WW/SV washer

Samsung WW10TP54DSB/SV Washing Machine

3rd place is the Samsung WW10TP54DSB/SV Inverter horizontal loading washing machine. The product is impressed by its delicate black design, suitable for many interior spaces. Washing capacity 10kg, suitable for families with 6 members or more.

Outstanding Features

  • The machine possesses Eco Bubble technology with a washing powder dissolving mechanism. Forms super-fine bubbles that remove stains easily and protect fabrics 45% better.
  • The AddWash side door allows adding clothes and fabric softener to the machine quickly without interrupting the washing cycle.
  • Inverter technology helps the device operate stably, without noise, saving monthly power consumption.

Samsung WW95T4040CE/SV washer

The Samsung WW95T4040CE/SV washing machine stands out with its front-loading design and delicate white color scheme. This will be a device suitable for any interior space. At the same time, making laundry easier. The machine has a washing capacity of 9kg, suitable for families with 5 or more members.

Outstanding Features

  • Hygiene Steam technology helps kill 99% of bacteria and allergens on fabrics. Helps to prevent the surface of clothes from wrinkling.
  • VRT Plus™ technology reduces vibration by up to 30%.
  • Diamond-shaped drum design, micro-drain holes improve the cleaning efficiency of clothes.
  • Digital Inverter motors use permanent magnets to save power and reduce noise during operation.
 Samsung WW95T4040CE/SV washer
Samsung WW95T4040CE/SV washer

Samsung WW90T634DLE/SV washer

The luxurious design and delicate white color of the Samsung WW90T634DLE/SV washing machine will bring modern beauty to any space in your home. Besides, the machine also has a washing capacity of 9Kg, suitable for families with 4-5 members.

Moreover, with the intelligent control panel AI Control. The washing modes you use will be remembered after the 10th wash. The machine will then suggest your favorite modes. 

In addition, this control panel also has remote control capabilities. Diagnosing errors, adjusting parameters in the program, bringing convenience to users.

Outstanding advantages

  • Using Eco Bubble washing technology to create super-fine soap bubbles.
  • Quickly penetrates into each fabric, easily removing stubborn stains and residue on clothes.
  • Advanced technology helps keep fabric color up to 45%.

Thus, people have a better understanding about LG vs Samsung washers. Please research carefully and choose the best quality product for your family. Thanks for reading on Bourbon O

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