Can you microwave pyrex? Answers and explanations

Can you microwave Pyrex?

Can you microwave Pyrex? This search query has seen a significant surge on the Internet recently. This happens because there’re some rumors online saying that Pyrex kitchenware can explode or shatter if you place it in the microwave (You can find those with a quick Google search). 

As an American-made glassware manufacturer that has been well-known for its safety, practicality, durability, and affordability for decades, Pyrex products exist in pretty much everything I and a lot of people out there use in my kitchen. It’s now still one of the ten product categories made in America instead of abroad. I am even inherited some of them from former generations in my family. So, these rumors have raised considerable confusion and painted a pretty terrifying picture to quite a few people, including me. In my personal experience, I haven’t faced any trouble using them in the microwave yet, but now I’m quite not sure to risk shattering any of my Pyrex kitchenware in there.

In order to find out the answer and abolish the confusion, I do a little bit of research online myself. After gathering all information I could find online, I decided to write this article on Bourbon O to help you quickly answer the question “Can you microwave Pyrex?”. Therefore, keep on reading to find out.

In case you don’t need to know the reasons behind the answer, all you need to know is you should not put cold Pyrex in the microwave and you are good to go.

Can you microwave Pyrex?

Is Pyrex microwaveable?
Can you microwave Pyrex?

According to Pyrex, in the production process, they use soda-lime glass (Or Borosilicate glass) to fabricate their kitchenware products that are safe to use in the microwave, oven, and even on the stovetop. Their structure which is built from silicon and boron atoms creates incredible and admirable durability. That type of glass is even marked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as safe. Besides using heat-resistant constituents to produce their product, Pyrex also makes their kitchenware thicker compared to other brands which make them even tougher to break.

Can your microwave heat melt Pyrex products? The Pyrex 7740 has a melting point of around 1,500 Fahrenheit degrees or 815 Celsius degrees. However, there is no kitchen gadget, including ovens or microwaves, that is able to reach or exceed that high level of heat. So, while using Pyrex in microwave under normal circumstances, melting should not be your concern.

Moreover, every Pyrex cookware product in the market or supermarket will proceed through a heat-resistant ability test for up to 1000 hours. Therefore, with the heat level of microwaves, you should have no concern over how long you place Pyrex in it.

Given all the information, Pyrex is obviously safe to use in microwaves and able to withstand high temperatures. In fact, the majority of Pyrex glass products when you purchased at the supermarket is explicitly said that these products are dishwasher/microwave/freezer-safe.

Nevertheless, why do those rumors exist? and what do you need to know to prevent those things happen in your kitchen? We will answer this question in the next sections.

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Can you microwave Pyrex that just came out of freezer?

A Pyrex glass bowl is broken into pieces in oven due to rapid changes in temperature
Pyrex glass shatters due to rapid changes in temperature

Even though Pyrex is microwaveable, you need to avoid doing some actions that cause the glass temperature to change rapidly. Because rapid changes in temperature (or temperature shock) can cause the glass to shatter or explode. That is the rule of thumb for using glass products.

So, I think the rumors exist because most people don’t follow this rule, so an explosion happens to their Pyrex kitchenware. If you follow this rule, you should not worry about your Pyrex exploding.

How can you prevent Pyrex from exploding while microwaving?

  • Do not use cold Pyrex in a high heat microwave. Before using the microwave, allow frozen meals to defrost. Pyrex has created certain jugs and bowls that are able to transfer directly from the refrigerator to the microwave oven. However, when feasible, allow frozen meals to defrost in the container before placing them into a high-heat microwave.
  • Increase the microwave heat gradually when heating up cold Pyrex.
  • Do not pour hot liquid into a cold Pyrex.
  • Never place a hot Pyrex dish on a cold surface.
  • Should not put an empty Pyrex or dry dish in microwaves, otherwise it can cause shattering or cracking. A rule of thumb is to always add a small amount of liquid to prevent Pyrex dish’s bottom from cracking.

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Pros & Cons when using Pyrex for cooking and heating food in the microwave


  • Convinience. We are getting busier and busier these days due to the industrialization of the world. In turn, we have less time to prepare our meals each day. So, cooking food prior to and reserving it in your refrigerators on glass containers that are microsaveable you can have hot dishes each meal as well as save plenty of time on the daily basis.
  • Environment-friendly. Even though Pyrex is not recyclable, its durability offers you a life-long usage which cause to less discharging.


  • The Pyrex glass is safe on one device but not when you switch it from one gadget to another. Removing a Pyrex dish from the freezer and immediately place it in the microwave oven will lead to an explosion with glass shards all over the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you microwave Pyrex snapware?

As I mentioned above, Pyrex snapware is made of soda-lime glass that creates durability, toughness and is marked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as safe. Therefore, they are absolutely microwave/dishwasher/freezer-safe.

Can you microwave Pyrex lids?

According to Pyrex, while pyrex glassware is safe to use in microwaves or dishwashers, the lids are also able to resist high levels of heat from microwaves. Given that, you will be worry-free when putting Pyrex lids into microwaves.

How can you tell if Pyrex is oven-safe?

You can check the bottom or instruction of the product to see whether or not it’s microwave- and over-safe. The ones that are oven safe will say they are.

To sum up, Pyrex products are microwaveable as long as follow the rule to not change their temperature too quickly. I hope that all the explanations in this article can help free your mind from worrying about an explosion while using Pyrex in your microwave. Thanks for supporting us.

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