Complete Recipe For Tyson Popcorn Chicken Air Fryer

Just buy a packet of tyson popcorn chicken air fryer and air-fry them to enjoy juicy chicken pieces within 10 minutes. This recipe is for you for all those chicken lovers looking for the easiest way to air-fry popcorn chicken at home. With some simple tips for air frying your favorite popcorn chicken, you can enjoy this amazing snack anytime.

Everybody loves KFC’s special chicken nuggets. However, one type that is particularly more famous at KFC is popcorn chicken. Juicy chicken pieces covered with crunchy popcorn coating sound just amazing n itself. You can easily get them at KFC or other restaurants. But you will be surprised to know that now you can make popcorn chicken at home.

Tyson Popcorn Chicken Air Fryer

tyson popcorn chicken air fryer
Tyson popcorn chicken air fryer

Originally, KFC coined the idea of popcorn chicken, and it has been a huge success ever since then. These are chunks of boneless chickens that are first breaded and then deep-fried. This gives them a juicy texture and a crispy texture on the outside. Commonly, these popcorn chicken air fryers are made near a meatball’s size.

Usually, minced chicken makes popcorn chicken at home by mixing it with breadcrumbs. However, you can easily buy a packet of tyson popcorn chicken air fryer from the market. Just buy a packet from the nearby grocery store and air-fry them to serve hot. You can add seasonings and dip with your favorite popcorn chicken.

Nutrition Value

Take a look at the nutritional value of popcorn chicken per 84g servings.

  • Protein – 14g
  • Calories – 170kcal
  • Fat – 7g
  • Carbohydrates – 14g
  • Sodium – 600mg
  • Monounsaturated Fat – 2g
  • Fiber – 2g
  • Cholesterol – 25mg

Instruction for cooking Tyson Popcorn Chicken Air Fryer

Step 1: Preparing Popcorn Chicken For Frying

First, take a packet of popcorn chicken and put its contents in a bowl. Now use a brush to remove excess crumbs from these chicken pieces. This will give them a crispy coating and make it extra crunchy, like popcorn chicken.

Step 2: Process Of Air Frying

Now place your tyson popcorn chicken air fryer on the rack inside the air fryer and let it preheat for 10 minutes at 390 degrees F. Air fry for 8 minutes or until the internal temperature of your chicken reaches 165 degrees F. Remove the tray once the air fryer is fully cooked and let it cool for 3 minutes.

Step 3: Serve Hot

Then, remove it from the plastic and put it on a plate. Then you can serve them with any dip, cream, or sauce as per your liking. Hot, crispy, and juicy popcorn chicken is ready, and you can enjoy it anytime at your home.

Some Additional Tips

Before preheating, you can spray olive oil on top to make it crispier. It will make them extra crunchy on top and juicy on the inside.

Brushing off excess corn and crumbs is a crucial part. However, make sure you are not brushing off too much. This will take off the top coating from it.

If you use frozen popcorn chickens, take them out of the freezer 30 minutes before heating.

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How To Store Popcorn Chicken?

How To Store Popcorn Chicken?
How To Store Popcorn Chicken?

Popcorn chicken air fryer can be stored for about four days in a freezer. After that, you can either cook and store the whole tray or use a portion of the pieces. However, make sure your popcorn chicken air fryer comes to room temperature before putting it in the freezer.

Cover these chicken pieces with plastic wrap and put them inside a freezer bag. This will ensure they are fresh and don’t get soggy while storing them in a freezer.

Once you have opened the packaging, store them in the freezer so that they don’t get soggy when you reheat them in the air fryer later on.

If you don’t have time to make a popcorn chicken air fryer at home, you can buy a packet and heat it in an air-fryer.

You can season your popcorn chicken with additional ingredients for better taste. I hope this easy recipe will help you eliminate all your craving for popcorn chicken.

What To Eat With Popcorn Chicken?

Popcorn chicken air fryer is the most delicious snack of all time. Although the taste of popcorn chicken is enough to make you crave more, adding a few things to your diet will help you enjoy your food and relish it to the fullest. Here are some food ideas that can be consumed with tyson popcorn chicken air fryer:

Tasty Homemade Slaw

Make a coleslaw at home by grating cabbage and carrots in a bowl. Add spices like pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, etc., to flavor it and toss it well. Store it in the fridge for about 30 minutes or until ready to serve. This will go very well with your popcorn chicken air fryer and give you just another flavor dimension to enjoy this treat.

Delicious Mayonnaise

Mix mayonnaise and mustard to make a smooth spread. Then add some peppercorn, salt also can use pepper flakes to give it extra flavor. This will go well with your popcorn chicken air fryer. Enjoy your snack with a dipping sauce of mayonnaise and mustard.

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Pizza Bites

Take tortilla shells and dip them in a mixture of breadcrumbs and oil or butter, then repeat the process for all the shells you are using to make pizza bites. Now, spread the mixture evenly across each shell and bake it in a preheated air-fryer at 390 degrees F for 5 minutes. Once done, it is ready to enjoy.

Loaded Nachos

Pair your popcorn chicken air fryer with some nacho chips and the salsa and cheese dip to serve a super delicious snack. This will make your crispy-coated chicken melt inside the mouth when using this combo of nacho chips and cheese dip for a snack.

Serve it as an appetizer or a meal on its own after heating in an air fryer. Now you have the option to fulfill your anytime cravings for chicken with this popcorn chicken recipe. So go on, save this recipe and enjoy happy chicken-eating days.

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